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A personal statement from John Dauré, Managing Director of Baildon Village Estates Ltd.

Day to Day Running of Village Estates Lettings and Management. 

In 1987 I set up Village Estates and it has been, through many trials and tribulations, my great pride to be the Managing Director of this company and watch as it grew from nothing to be one of the pioneers of the lettings industry and it has been my aim to make the company professional and to operate with integrity.

The last few months of 2013 and certainly the start of 2014 saw the company achieving what I had worked very hard for, we were successful, our landlords and tenants were being given the service they deserved and we were looking forward, with the very loyal and hardworking staff we have, to a very bright and successful future.

Regretfully my wife, at the age of 52, suffered a major stroke at the beginning of March and it was obvious that for a long time to come she would require full time care and I did not feel it fair to my wife or staff or indeed the clients to put at risk the integrity of the company we had built up.

It was important to me that someone else continue the day to day running and with this in mind, after careful consideration and refusing other approaches, we chose Martin and Co to continue the business. They have a track record of professionalism, integrity and fairness to their staff and clients and it was most important to me that my staff were retained in their positions and could also have a secure future.

I firmly believe that Martin and Co were a wise choice for all concerned. I know our clients will benefit enormously from their expertise and, having retained all the staff from Village Estates, will have continuity of the service I so proudly have handed over to them.

Martin and Co are letting and sales experts and have decided not to continue with the Block Management portfolio and I have retained this, giving me some interest for the future. In particular it will give me more time to devote to the management of Titanic Mill, a project which is in my heart, and so to the leaseholders of Titanic Mill please do not hesitate to contact me on the new direct 24/7 line 07717751323, 01943 601124 or email at titanic@village-estates.biz

The Company will also be block managing Laura Ashley Building in Shipley. Whilst we will not be handling the actual apartment management we will be managing the building itself. The number to call is 01943 601124 or email :- john.daure@village-estates.biz

I thank all clients and staff for their support. For me, after 35 years of being in business, it is time to devote myself more to someone else. I wish you all the best of luck for the future.











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